Laura Criollo Carrillo
       visual artist . art director
I am my own memory. Who am I when I forget?
I confidently assume that I possess the present moment,
which is not other than my past and my future.
What do I own if the present does not exist?

I feared oblivion, and I wished to remember everything,
but then I realized the impossibility to do so.
Everything emerges, everything vanishes
perhaps I am unable to remember everything,
but I will remember something for the rest of my life.

My existence is ephemeral and eternal, as it is my memory.
All I am now might disappear the very next second
but a moment that has vanished in time
can live in my memories forever
it could become eternal in me, until I forget
or fade away.

I find beauty when I perceive the eternal
within the ephemeral,
when I have the fortune to live ineffable moments.
Being aware of the fragility of the present moment,
that vanishes faster than what I believe

this is the beauty of my existence.