Appropriation of Caspar David Friedrich - 2009
Technical drawings
White paper, black ink, pencil

Moonrise over the Sea, 55 x 71 cm
Two Men by the Sea, 51 x 66 cm
Hunter in the Forest 65,7 x 46,7 cm

In this project, I have transformed three paintings from the german romantic artist Caspar David Friedrich into real scale technical drawings.

What interested me the most was to imagine the possible calculated elaboration of a poetic image. Based on the importance of emotion over rationalism from the romantic era, I wanted to explore how the ineffable image created by an artist could be the result of a number of calculated and precise actions. According to this, I transformed three paintings representing an abstract mood or emotion, into technical drawings showing the exact shape, dimension and distances between the most important objects in the scene. Through the rationalization of a romantic image, I aimed to explore how a visual representation of immaterial subjects, like sentiments, moods or emotions, can be created thanks to a rigorous and conscious use of measurements and logic.

Concept and production: Laura Criollo-Carrillo
Detail, Hunter in the Forest

Detail, Two Men by the Sea

Detail, Moonrise over the Sea
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