I am my own memory. Who am I when I forget?

I consider my work as a cabinet of curiosities, a collection of visual/sound, plastic/digital, interactive or contemplative explorations in physical space acting as witnesses of the existence of vanished moments or physical phenomena inhabiting “mythical” imperceptible realities to our senses. A personal collection that evoques a poetic reflection on the unknown and the elusive nature of our reality and our existence.

In my artistic practice, I am interested in the issues concerning the recording and the representation of an ephemeral, and sometimes imperceptible, universe around us: the intangible memories, the forgetfulness, the ephemeral phenomena in nature, the intangible and the uncertain, as a meticulous quest which aims to give this fleeting universe a way of becoming eternal in time and space.

The issues of my work are born from the contrast between the human desire to define reality in a perceptible way and the impossibility of doing so, either because of its own sensory and cognitive limitations, or because nature is indeterminate. It is in the impossibility of knowing and determining everything, that I find the beauty of our existence. Everything emerges and vanishes. Everything is both eternal and ephemeral. We are the sum of our memory and our forgetfulness.

Through my installations, videos and photographs, I research the relationships we create with the world through our forgotten memories and the fleeting moments, through the imperceptible phenomena and the uncertain moments that we do not control, aiming for the creation of unique experiences exploring the beauty, the pain and the helplessness that this impossibility generates in our spirit.


I am my own memory. Who am I when I forget?
I confidently assume that I possess the present moment,
which is not other than my past and my future.
What do I own if the present does not exist?

I feared oblivion, and I wished to remember everything,
but then I realized the impossibility to do so.
Everything emerges, everything vanishes
perhaps I am unable to remember everything,
but I will remember something for the rest of my life.

My existence is ephemeral and eternal, as it is my memory.
All I am now might disappear the very next second
but a moment that has vanished in time
can live in my memories forever
it could become eternal in me, until I forget
or fade away.

I find beauty when I perceive the eternal
within the ephemeral,
when I have the fortune to live ineffable moments.
Being aware of the fragility of the present moment,
that vanishes faster than what I believe

this is the beauty of my existence.
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