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Laura Criollo-Carrillo is a Colombian-Canadian multidisciplinary artist based in Montreal, Canada.
Her artistic practice explores the capture and representation of intangible or imperceptible phenomena such as light and sound to reflect on the ephemeral and eternal nature of memory and existence. 
Laura is the co-founder and art director of Valaquia Studio and the owner of Matter of Light
Master of Science in arts, creation and technologies
University of Montreal, Canada. 2021

BFA in Visual Arts
Javeriana University. Bogota, Colombia. 2011

Cartographies sensibles, Maison de la culture Claude-Léveillée, Montreal, 2023
Maison des arts et de la culture de Brompton, 2023
Grande rencontre des arts médiatiques en Gaspésie, Percé, 2023
Aluminium, Maison Louis Fréchette, Lévis, Canada, 2023
Artists in residency. Château Éphémère, Carrières-sous-Poissy, France, 2022
Mythic Landscape, Perte de Signal. Montreal, Canada 2021
Mythic Landscape, University of Montreal’s Exhibition Center. Canada. 2020
Les formes d’ondes, University of Montreal’s Exhibition Center. Canada. 2020
Ultrasons Festival, Claude-Champagne Hall. Montreal, Canada 2020
In Void, Gham & Dafe Gallery. Montreal, Canada 2019
Dato por liebre, Gilberto Avendano Foundation. Bogota, Colombia. 2016
Espectrum Visible. Cúmulos Estelares, Planetarium of Bogota, Colombia. 2015
Re-encuentros, Casa Tres Patios. Medellín, Colombia. 2014
Sudamérica Electrónica, Emilio Caraffa Museum. Cordoba, Argentina. 2012
Odeón Contemporary Art Fair, Odeón Foundation. Bogota, Colombia. 2011
Proyecto Tesis 2011, Museum of Contemporary Art of Bogota. 2011
Some Books Are To Be Tasted, The Warehouse Art Gallery. Bogota, Colombia. 2011
Corporalidades, Gilberto Alzate Avendaño Foundation. Bogota, Colombia. 2011
Some Books Are To Be Tasted, Camelot & FIM Gallery. Kratowise, Poland. 2010
IX Salón de Artes Visuales, Gabriel García Márquez Center. Bogota, Colombia. 2009
Festival présence autochtone, Montreal, Canada, 2023
Rencontres multilingues en poésie. La poésie partout. Montreal, Canada, 2022  
Research-creation art residencies grant
Ada X, Montreal, Canada
Arts abroad Grant - Artistic Residencies
Canada Council for the Arts
Honorable mention for the video-poem Ko pyhare, para siempre codirected with Fiorella Boucher
Rendez-vous vidéo-poésie. Festival de la Poésie de Montréal
Art and Sciences Grant – Planetarium of Bogotá
Instituto Distrital de las Artes – IDARTES. Bogota, Colombia
National Artistic Residences Grant
Ministry of Culture of Colombia
Honourable mention for the BA’s final dissertation Cuerpo expandido
Javeriana University of Colombia

(Upcoming) Research-creation art residency
Ada X, Montreal, Canada, (January - April 2024)

Art residency "Arts Numériques, Art Sonore, & Nouvelles Écritures"
Château Éphémère, Carrières-sous-Poissy, France

Research - creation laboratory
Perte de signal - Montreal, Canada

Art residency - Re-encuentros
Casa Tres Patios. Medellin, Colombia

COMPOSITE 33. Presentation of the project Les villes superposées
Organized by Eastern Bloc in collaboration with Chaire de recherche ALN and Labo NT2 et PixMob, Montreal
November 2022

Mythic landscape. Discussion with the artist Gabrielle Harnois-Blouin
Perte de signal, Montreal
June 2021

Discussion with the art curator Tony Evanko during the artistic residence Re-encuentros (expandido)
Casa tres patios, Colombia
October 2014

Conference during the exhibition Sudamérica Électronica
National University of Cordoba, Argentina
May 2012

lauracriollo.artist [at] gmail . com
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