Light Portraits - 2018
Video, 4’30’’
Father: left
Mother: right 
How do I evoke a person's temperament through light?

Light portraits is a series of audiovisual and material explorations, focussed on creating a representation of the temperament of both my parents through the combination of light properties such as colour, reflection and refraction. By exploring the multiple possibilities of translucent, opaque and reflective materials, I’ve created a varied range of light effects, from organic to geometric, that evoke the uniqueness of moods and characteristics in each personality.

Everything and everybody disappears, but we become immortal as long as we are remembered by others. To remember is to transform immaterial and intangible memories of the past into vivid ones that live forever in us. Something similar happens with light. This natural phenomenon is everywhere and it reveals the world to us, nevertheless it remains immaterial and intangible. Capturing an ephemeral reflection of light in a video or in a photograph allows us to make it eternal. The moment has disappeared, but its existence remains in time.

This work is a personal exploration of light as a metaphor of our existence, so powerful and complex yet so immaterial and intangible, and how thanks to our memory we can reach our own immortality.

Concept, art direction, sound : Laura Criollo-Carrillo
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