Spectrum - 2019
Interactive installation
Acrylic boxes, infrared lights, transducer, white light, water, plastic, sound circuits. 

Spectrum is an interactive installation in which the audience is confronted with the limits of their own human perception through the presentation of perceptible and imperceptible phenomena. Based on the thought experiment of the Schrödinger’s Cat, this installation takes the form of two separate acrylic boxes which evoke the state of simultaneity through the representation of the visible/invisible duality of light and the audible/inaudible duality of sound.

In the box on the left, visible white light is decomposed in colours when it hits a special plastic, known as the phenomenon of decomposition. In addition to this, frequencies of 20hz (inaudible to the human hearing) become visible thanks to the water's vibration.

In the box on the right, a circuit of infrared lights (invisible to the human sight) becomes visible with the help of a modified camera. On the other hand, audible frequencies to human hearing are represented by the sounds of an electric current within the box.

Concept, art direction, production : Laura Criollo-Carrillo
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