Two minutes in duration - 2011
Interactive Installation, 2”
Open frameworks, video projection, infrared cameras, infrared lights, sound.

Two minutes in duration is an interactive installation composed by two video projections activated by the spectator’s movement. The installation reinitializes every two minutes.

Our body leaves traces of its presence in space and time. Traces in space are tangible and easy to recognize because we can perceive them. Footprints, for example, are visible traces that show us the position and movement of a person in space. Each footprint also leaves a trace in time, its own duration from the moment it is created to its disappearance. This trace is intangible to us, so how can we perceive something that surpasses our own perception? How can we capture something which nature is imperceptible and how can it be represented?

Two minutes in duration captures the spectator’s movement in real time, making it possible for them to visualize the duration of every movement of their body as a trace in time and

The video projection on the left acts like a mirror which constantly captures the moving silhouette of the spectator. When the person stands still, even for a second, its silhouette becomes darker. After a while, the participants will see a range of silhouettes from pale gray to black representing the duration of each of their movements and their position in space.  
The video projection on the right replicates the same principle but, instead of a silhouette, each one of the participants are represented by a circle that grows when they stand still and it stops when they change their position. The spectators will see a combination of intertwined circles of different sizes representing the traces of their body in time and space.

Concept, art direction and sound: Laura Criollo-Carrillo
Programming: Camilo Aguilar 
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