Untitled exploration no. 2 - 2019
Video, color, 6’23”

Light is truly the intangible perfect particle. Is it any wonder it carries spiritual intimations? 
Sidney Perkowitz, Empire of light

This audiovisual exploration, divided in 3 chapters, addresses the representation of light and sound both as a physical and poetic phenomenon. On one hand, the soundtrack is composed of VLF-very low frequency and underwater recordings of natural phenomena, inaudible to the human ear but audible to us thanks to microphones. On the other hand, the visual part is conformed by the opposition of poetic images, showing visible light phenomena as color and reflection, with scientific representations of light as a particle and a wave. What interested me the most was to create a dialogue between these poetic and physical natures of light and sound, perceived by us as different but yet so intertwined.

The material used for this project consists of original and archive videos and photographs, original sound recordings with a hydrophone, very low frequency recordings (radio frequency band which extends from 3 kHz to 30 kHz) from the site abelian.org/vlf/ and other radio frequencies recordings from the site http://websdr.org/.

Concept, art direction, editing, sound: Laura Criollo-Carrillo
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